About Us

Leigh Erdman

Leigh is an ex-pastor, ex-vegan, ex-homeschool teacher who believes that life is found in the trying.

A pastor’s kid, she grew up in the Evangelical church and earned a BA in Language and Religious Studies from Liberty University. (Yes. She knows.)

She and her family were part of an ultra-Conservative church planting team before their deconstruction journey led her to leave and become the associate pastor of Community Organizing and LGBTQ+ Belonging at Maryland Presbyterian Church, a Presbyterian Church USA. 

She then joined the non-profit sector as a Chaplain and then as a staff member of North Avenue Mission, a grassroots, faith-and-gender-expansive community in Central Baltimore City, based on the principles of harm reduction and joyful mutual aid. 

Leigh lives north of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and their four teenagers. 

Jeff Elkins

Jeff is the author of 12 novels and over 100 short stories. In addition to writing supernatural thrillers, he works as a writing coach and is the hose of the “Dialogue Doctor Podcast.”

During the day, you will find Jeff leading the writing team for an innovative tech company that uses artificial emotion to train people how to have difficult conversations.

Jeff grew up in the Evangelical church. He earned a BA in Religion from Baylor University and and an MDiv in Theology from Truett Seminary. From 1999 to 2014, Jeff served as a pastor at 3 different Southern Baptist Churches and planted a Missional Community. Jeff began is “deconstruction” journey in 2004 and left full-time ministry work in 2014.

Jeff lives north of Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and five children.